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    Maximize your nail grooming precision with our advanced Salon Electric Nail File, designed for professional-grade performance and exceptional versatility in both salon and home settings.


    • For professional and home use
    • Shape, file, buff & drill with ease


    • Speed range of 0-30,000 RPM
    • Solid lightweight aluminium body and dual direction motor
    • Includes 11 professional tools & 66 sanding bands
    • LCD display indicating file speed and direction
    • Optional foot pedal control

    Elevate your nail care routine with our high-performance Salon Electric Nail File, meticulously crafted for both professional salon excellence and sophisticated home use. This device boasts a versatile speed range of 0-30,000 RPM, tailored to suit various nail types and treatments, from gentle buffs to intensive shaping.

    Constructed from solid lightweight aluminium, the file is both durable and comfortable to handle, even during extended use. Its dual direction motor allows seamless operation for both left and right-handed users, enhancing usability and convenience. The intuitive LCD display provides clear visibility of file speed and direction, ensuring precise control for flawless results.

    This set comes equipped with 11 professional tools and 66 sanding bands, offering comprehensive options for every aspect of nail filing and care. For added flexibility, an optional foot pedal control frees up your hands, making it easier to perform detailed nail art or multitask in a busy salon environment.

    Designed for those who demand the best in nail care technology, this Salon Electric Nail File combines functionality, ease of use, and professional-grade performance, setting a new standard in nail grooming tools.

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    Model: NASP

    • Salon Electric Nail File
    • Includes 11 professional tools & 66 sanding bands
    • Foot pedal controller