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Keep Cool Mirror With Fan & LED Light Ring

Getting ready is a breeze.

  • Benefit 1 (listed under Benefits tab)
  • Benefit 2
  • Pressing return creates another bull point

  • USB-rechargeable design

  • LED ring for super-bright lighting

  • Dimmable lighting option

  • USB rechargeable

  • Touch sensor for quick control 

The Keep Cool Light-up Mirror is an illuminated mirror with a built-in fan that is perfect for staying cool when applying makeup and heat-styling hair. The LED ring can be adjusted to create the ideal lighting, while the innovative fan function will set makeup and stop it from melting in warmer temperatures.

USB-rechargeable design and touch sensor controls to make getting ready a breeze.

Model: MMFN

  • Keep Cool Light Up Mirror Unit
  • Mirror Base
  • USB
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