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  • Professional Electric Nail File


    Professional-standard tools for acrylic, gel and natural nails

    • Everything you need to file and prep manicures and pedicures
    • Perfect for in-salon or at-home use.  
    • Suitable for natural, acrylic and gel nails

    • Choice of 11 changeable drill heads
    • Includes 66 sanding bands
    • Portable and USB powered
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Reversable controls for left or right-handed use
    • Adjustable speed wheel from 0 - 20,000rpm
    • Quiet operation

    This versatile electric nail file is equipped with a choice of 11 changeable drill heads and includes 66 sanding bands, allowing you to effortlessly shape, smooth, and polish both fingernails and toenails with precision.
    Whether you're a professional looking for a reliable tool for salon use, or a beauty enthusiast needing a motorized nail file for home use, this electric nail file is designed to meet all your needs. Its ergonomic design ensures it is easy to handle, while the quiet operation makes it perfect for any setting. Upgrade your nail grooming routine with this efficient and easy-to-use electric nail file, and enjoy salon-level results every time.  

    Suitable for natural, acrylic or gel nails. 

    There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, here is one of our favourites 




    Model: NAEF

    • Electric Nail File
    • 66x Sanding bands
    • Buffing head
    • Filing cone head
    • Edge sanding head
    • Bullet head
    • Barrel sanding head
    • Spear head
    • Cone head
    • Mandrel head
    • Needle head
    • Small barrel head
    • Large barrel head