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    Spaceship Explorer Child's Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light


    Fill your child’ bedroom with soothing aromas, healthy humidified air and the marvels of space travel with the colour changing Spaceship Explorer Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light



    • 3-in-1 USB rechargeable essential oil diffuser, humidifier and night light – manage broken sleep, dry air and a fear of the dark with one compact, super cute spaceship device


    • Use with essential oils to flood the room with soothing scents – the wick function on our kid’s oil diffuser allows for the use of your favourite aromatherapy essential oils. Simply add a few drops to the water reservoir and fill the room with calming, sleep-inducing aromas. Used with or without aromatherapy essential oils, the humidifying function adds moisture to the air.


    • Injects moisture into the air to combat dryness – dry air, caused by the climate or by central heating can irritate the throat, affect the breathing and dehydrate the skin. Replace lost moisture with our air humidifier to help soothe night-time coughs, sore throats and stuffy noses.


    • Night light function promotes peaceful sleep – ideal for babies and children who are afraid of the dark at bedtime. Our spaceship night light emits a low-level ambient light that’s enough to keep the room subtly light, but not bright enough to interrupt sleep.


    • Suitable for use with aromatherapy essential oils


    • 220ml water capacity and large spray volume – fill the reservoir with enough water to last up to four hours, and the large spray nozzle will mist the room from the top of the spaceship, rocket-style

      USB Rechargeable – Can be run using a USB supply or stand alone after charging

    • Seven colour changing night light
    • Two mist settings
    • Auto shut-off after 4 hours

    Tease the imagination and bring the marvels of space travel into the bedroom with the colour changing Spaceship Explorer humidifier, diffuser and nightlight.  Mist streams out like a rocket while the cockpit colours change to bring to life the astronaut on a journey through space. The cockpit can be opened to reveal the spaceship’s control panels or to remove the astronaut for a spacewalk or to visit a Martian landscape.

     With a 220ml water capacity and two mist settings, the diffuser can provide hours of continuous misting while the seven colour changing night light is relaxing and calming for deep restful sleep. Adding your favourite essential oils further enhances the experience

    Model: DHSE

    • Spaceship Explorer Essential Oil Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light
    • USB Charging Cable
    • 2 X Filter