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Revive & Refresh

Soothe, refresh, brighten & revive

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  • Three treatments modes – refresh, relax and max boost.
  •  Use with your regular eye skin care products.


  • Treat each eye in just 120 seconds.
  • USB rechargeable
  • Silicon massage head
  • Temperature selection indicator
  • Thermal treatment head

The essential tool for anyone concerned with constantly looking tired, ageing puffiness or dark circles. Revive & Refresh soothes tired puffy eyes, combats dark circles and brings freshness and brightness back to the eye area.

The three treatments of warming, cooling and simulating massage are combined and optimised to boost micro-circulation, sooth away tiredness and stress, and refresh and brighten fatigued puffy looking eye. Treating each eye takes only two minutes and the results are immediate.

Model: SKER

  • Revive & Refresh unit
  • USB charging cable
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