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    1. What is Faradic Therapy?

    Faradic therapy is also known as EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation)

    2. What is EMS?

    EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation, When you undertake any movement the brain produces signals that are sent to the muscles, which cause them to contract and expand. EMS mimics these signals from the brain and causes the muscles to move repeatedly to reproduce the effects of exercise.

    3. What is Iontophoresis?

    This is the process whereby ions are transferred through the intact skin via electrodes

    4. How many treatments will I need?

    Short -term visible results can usually be seen almost
    immediately and with regular use the effects can be long lasting.

    5. How often can I repeat the treatment?

    For best results we recommend following the Faradic
    Facial Toning regime every day for the first few weeks, alternating between
    programmes 1 and 2 each day.  Afterwards,
    use as required to maintain good tone. 
    The collagen and retinol treatments should only be used

    6. Can the Face Toner be used over metal implants, such as metal pins?

    No. You should not use EMS over metal implants.  Metal implants alter the paths the micro currents/pulses would otherwise take in an unpredictable way

    7. Can I use if I have had botox?

    Yes you can, but it will not have an effect to the
    muscles that you have had botox in.

    8. Can I use if I have Collagen Fillers?

    No we do not recommend the use of this product if you have Collagen Fillers

    9. Can I use if I have Dermal Fillers?

    Tone and firming has a lifting effect on the face together with plumping out to reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This in effect is a natural alternative to dermal fillers. If you already have dermal fillers you should seek advice from whoever gave the treatment as they could consider whether it could be combined – dermal fillers can only achieve so much. The microcurrents would not have any direct effect of the filler.

    10. My teeth feel sensitive during the Faradic Facial Toning treatment, is this normal?

    Yes.  Your teeth may feel slightly sensitive during treatment, this is perfectly normal.

    11. Why should I not use over scars or moles?

    The issue of scars and moles is that they can change the surface profile of the skin, which in turn can cause local changes to how the micro currents enter the skin, theoretically leading to a variation in the micro current density across the pad/skin interface.  The result might be increased discomfort and/or possible chemical changes on the skin surface which would not occur

    12. Do the ball contacts contain nickel?

    No they are nickel free chrome plated.

    13. Why do the pulses feel stronger on the right/left side of my face?

    There is a very simple answer to your question.  You are probably either right/left handed or chew your food on the right/left side or both.  The muscles on the right/left side of your face are as a result more developed and more toned and will respond more vigorously to the EMS stimulation.  Over time your right/left side will improve and gain important tone and firmness

    14. Why are the contacts not vibrating or moving?

    Firstly it is important to note that the product does
    not make a noise and the ball contacts do not move or vibrate in anyway, the
    treatment is something you feel as the intensity is increased.  The light
    will continuously flash on and off when in use.

    Please try the following….Standing in front of a mirror,
    apply conductive gel to the  ball contacts (this must be applied for the treatment to be felt), then switch the unit on and position your finger over the + button.  With the toner in the correct position press and release the + button, leave a couple of seconds now press and release again and continue to do this (you should see the intensity level increase on the LCD)  you will begin to feel a tingling sensation and with further presses
    you will feel a definite muscle contraction. 

    As a safety feature the unit will always start at the lowest intensity and increase gradually with each
    press of the + so you may need to press and release the button several times before you begin to feel anything.