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    Alura Wax Melt Burner & Aroma Diffuser Lamp

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    Immerse in tranquillity with the Alura Wax Melt Burner & Aroma Diffuser Lamp

    • This stylish Wax Melt Burner doubles as a soothing electric essential oil aroma diffuser.
    • The wax warmer, as an alternative to a scented candle, brings warmth, fragrance, and the ambience of scented wax to any room

  • Doubles as an  Wax Melt Burner / Warmer and Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser, offering flexible fragrance options
  • Three scenting levels to tailor the aroma experience to your liking
  • Creates a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere – scintillating your senses with light and soothing aromas.
  • Easy cleaning is ensured with the dishwasher-safe wax melt bowl
  • Features a long-lasting T25 bulb, providing warm, inviting light
  • Our wax melt burner warmer is compatible with all wax melts and essential oils, offering an almost endless choice of natural fragrances
  • Experience the soothing ambience of tranquillity with this multi-functional electric wax melt burner and aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Its stylish design brings a touch of elegance to any room, while your choice of fragrance or aromatherapy oil enhances the calming soothing environment it creates in your home. Choose the simplicity of a wax melt burner or immerse yourself in the world of aromatherapy essential oil aromas to transform your home and uplift your senses with a harmonious fusion of natural scents and fragrances.  Shop our collection of beautifully fragranced soy wax melts and aromatherapy oils

    Model: LAAL

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