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  • FORA Wax Melt Burner & Aroma Diffuser Lamp

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    Scintillate your senses & relax in style with the Wax Melt Burner & Aroma Diffuser Lamp

    • A versatile electric diffuser that can be used as a wax melt burner or essential oil diffuser with a burner dish suitable for use with wax melts or aromatherapy oils
    • Use simply as a lamp to add a comforting, relaxing forest scene to any room.


    • 3 light settings, touch sensitive controls – simply tap the lamp to toggle between settings
    • Stylish forest themed design
    • Creates a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere – scintillating your senses with light and soothing aromas.
    • Easy to clean – removable easy-clean dish makes swapping fragrance a breeze

    • Touch sensitive control

    It’s time to scintillate your senses and relax in style – with this stylish, soothing wax melt burner / essential oil diffuser and forest light.   

    A streamlined, stylish electric diffuser suitable for use in almost any room of the home (including the bedroom) simply plug in and unwind to enjoy a full sensory experience  – complete with beautiful fragrance, creating a relaxing atmosphere whenever and wherever you need it.

    The light’s removable vaporising dish means it’s super easy to clean, with its delicate forest design casting an enchanting scene into your room. And it’s incredibly easy to use – with touch sensitive controls enabling you to toggle between 3 light settings with just a simple tap.

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    Model: LAFO

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